Homeworks & Handouts
hockett design features checklist
Students evaluate an expressive system of their choosing with respect to Hockett’s Design Features.
aliens alien language
Students evaluate an alien language with respect to properties of human languages.
nitwit universalism mini-quiz
Languages Nitwit and Blubber carve up the world of color differently.
langportraits language portraits
Template to collect family language histories and environments.
checkin daily check-in
Discussion groups assess and report on their level of certainty with course material.
examq exam question generation
Discussion groups generate questions to be considered for the exam.
resources additional resources
Curated links to linguistic, developmental resources for students.

Activities & Demos
wcs slow mapping
children infer the boundaries of adult color categories for diverse global languages.
box the box project
Short in-class demonstration of black box metaphor for cognitive science, adapted from Hardcastle & Slater (2014).
hsp human simulation paradigm
Demonstration of syntactic bootstrapping and the human simulation paradigm.
language & culture
Informal survey to solicit student intuitions about relation between language and cultural identity.
research toys
Word-learning and numberline "research toy" interpretation guides.
aoa age of acquisition norms
AoA estimates according to archived M-CDIs (via Wordbank; accessed 2016), versus Kuperman et al. (2012).

Reading & Inspiration
William Labov on Linguistics
How I Got Into Linguistics, and What I Got Out of It.
Toni Morrison on language
1993 Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech.
novel-purple Story of Your Life
Linguistic relativity.
"For" "Children"
invisible-alphabet The Invisible Alphabet
Basically Why It's Hard to Label Our Concepts, illustrated.
knuffle-bunny Knuffle Bunny
The frustration of being pre-linguistic.
they-all-saw They All Saw a Cat
Perspective-taking and concepts.
they-all-saw A Hole is to Dig
Early semantics and teleological reasoning.
we-are-in We are in a Book!
Existential explosion.
pterodactyl P is for Pterodactyl
English orthography is pteroble.
there There
Deixis across time and space!
runny-babbit Runny Babbit